Full pre sales and after sales services

We manage all the pre and after sales works, such as:

  • Preparatory works for the financial, legal, etc. investigation of the property.
  • Works on the transfer of funds, communication with the tax authorities, the land register, the notary, etc.
  • Works on the registration of your property with the cadastral authorities.
  • Works with the immigration services, the ministry of foreign affairs, etc. for the granting of a Golden Visa.
  • Lease the property according the renter profile you choose.
  • Manage all property themes such as cleaning, rent collection, rental procedures, insurance covers, damages, renovations, supervision on furnishing and decoration,etc.

About us

After 22 years experience on Real Estate, Property Management, Insurance, Property Funding, Construction & Developing, we are able to support and satisfy every preference. We manage all the affairs of purchase, ownership, lease, issuance of certificates (golden visa, etc.) of your property and we leave for you, only to enjoy the living and the profits.

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